Embrace the moment

Unwind, relax and create memories with your favorite people. Built to host 12 guests, VILLÄ has something to offer for all. 

VILLÄ is architecturally designed in shape of V, with two wings. The right wing includes a dry sauna, indoor pool and a double shower with pull cold water bucket- for a full hydrotherapy experience. In the left wing there are five bedrooms to sleep and recharge the mind.

Influenced by the japandi style, we have incorporated elements from Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics and lifestyle. As you enter the VILLÄ, we respectfully ask to leave the outdoor shoes in the entrance area.


Thermal experience

Start your relaxation journey in the right wing of VILLÄ- the dry sauna. 

Before entering the sauna, please follow these rules and guidelines.

Start with 5 minutes at a time to maximum of 15 minutes. A vihta (whisk made of tree wigs) can be used to gently whisk or massage the skin. This promotes better blood circulation. The right side of the sauna is specifically designed to comfortably lay for such procedure. Never let yourself fall asleep inside the sauna.

Exit and rinse off with a quick shower. Cool down by entering the pool from the stairs.

Careful, no viding allowed. Pool depth is 46” (1.16 meters) . You can also cool down by using the cold-water bucket in the shower. Simply stand underneath and pull the string. Afterwards the bucket will automatically fill in with cold water. 

 Drink at least one glass of water after each sauna session. Relax as much as you need


Outdoor, an 11 seat jacuzzi awaits you to release stress and ease up any muscle tension, aches and pains. Jacuzzi sessions may last from 15 to 40 minutes.